Monica Ganz, who comes from from Valdobbiadene, hasalways worked in the world of Prosecco. First in charge of the secretariate of the Strada del Proseccoand Vini dei Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene, she hasalso been Directorof Altamarca and of the National Exhibition of Sparkling Wines. Gabriele Gregolo is a great wine enthusiast who, after a long experience as sales manager in the family business, has transferred his know-how to the management of the cooperative winery with Monica.


Luca Antiga, one of the best oenologist -connoisseurs of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene, has been working with Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato since 2014. He’s been able to translate our ideas in innovative concepts and to enhance the characteristics of our production.

Our Brut Demi Long ® is one of his genial creations, the result of a long series of tastings in order to find out the perfect balance between the typical characteristics of the Prosecco and a “demi” (in French: “half”)– long aging on the yeasts.